Features of Free Conference Calling Services

Free Conference Call is a web site dedicated to facilitating the exchange of information among individuals who use various communication methods, like internet, mobiles and conferencing. It is a free service and there are no charges levied on the users. Free Conference Calls provides a number of features that are especially helpful for business people who travel a lot. The website offers a free online demo version of its full service. It offers round-the-clock customer support, which can be availed by contacting its technical support department on 0,8500, as dialing problems or any other issues.

Free Conference Call is an excellent place for companies to test new products and services before making them available to the general market. This helps to find out if the service has sufficient demand among consumers, before investing in large-scale implementation. Free Conference Calls allows the conference participants to send each other audio files, such as mp3 and flv, so that they can be shared among the participants.

Free Conference Calls enables audio conferencing, which involves the participants talking to each other through live operators at the same time over the Internet or through telephone networks. An instant conference service usually enables users to chat using RTP, which is a real-time protocol; it is similar to Skype, but superior in many ways. A typical service will allow users to make use of various extension and display video; as well as to make voice calls, which requires participants to have good microphone skills.

Free conference call services features several features that are useful for both the host and the callers. It allows the host to create and modify conferences, which can be broadcasted live over the Internet. For callers, free conference calls can include multiple phone numbers with forwarded messages and conference calls made between multiple participants at once. The latter feature is useful when a large number of callers need to participate in a conference call.

Another important feature of free conference call services is the availability of dial-in numbers for participants. This feature is useful if international numbers are needed for participant discussion. In this case, a single phone number is used for dial-in and conference-call participants.

In order to access these features, a separate access code must be provided to the service provider. Some providers use different access codes for different participants; while others provide access codes for all participants. A unique access code will enable callers to participate in conference calls to numbers that are assigned by the company. Usually, a unique access code is provided to new members, while a current member is allowed to automatically assign an access code to new members. Follow this link for more info about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conference_call.

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