Skype and Free Conference Calls

Free Conference Call is an Internet based free conference calling service which offers a large variety of features and options to its customers, especially those who use it for business purposes. There are many  options and features to choose from as the company provides several different plans for both individuals and businesses. The business is one of the biggest providers of free conference call services on the Internet. It has numerous products including software and hardware to help customers connect with each other.

As part of a free conference call package, users can enjoy the services of the company's voice over IP (VOIP) software along with the free conference call application. The software helps to conduct conference calls from any location using an available internet connection and the hardware facilitates easy use of an IPod, Nintendo Wii, Zune or other gaming system to make free calls. Some of the main features of the software include video conferencing, transcription services, and recording webcasts.

The audio-video conference option is supported by the free conference call service, but users may need to download and install the software before they can begin making calls. To be able to hold music recordings, participants need to have Adobe Flash and RealPlayer installed on their computers. In addition, the participants need to have a microphone and speakers in order to record the session. Participants will also need to download and install the audio/video software on their computers.

Audio conferences will be in mp3 format and participants need to have the ability to open and listen to them using a microphone and speakers. To make conference calls, participants simply click" mute "and then click "call" in the participant list. They can then click the "send" button in order to send their audio files to the other participants. The conference view will allow them to see their conference calls, as well as those sent to them by other participants. This unlimited conferences is helpful for making sure that the person who is typing the documents to be sent is doing so properly, since it will show the correct punctuation and sentence placement.

Conference calls are recorded, and users can retrieve all of their audio recordings at any time. If a participant needs to make changes to their presentation or to make phone calls while in the conference, they will be able to do so. The call detail options are located on the" Calls" menu, and the user will have the option of selecting "Recording" to continue their conference call, or "Stop Recording" to stop the recording. In addition, if the participant wants to delete their recordings, they can do so from the conference history.

Skype is not the only free program used for video conferencing. Google Hangouts and Google Talk are free video conferencing programs that also use the VoIP technology. These programs include both voice and text conferences, and users can participate in real-time video conferences with up to two people at a time. Because Hangouts uses audio transmissions for conference calls, Google Talk works best with an Internet connection that is free of noise, such as when using a laptop. Google Hangouts is quite different in that it does not use audio transmissions but uses a type of video conferencing software called a video projector to project text messages onto the video screen. Like Skype, there are many different ways to use this software and conference calling is not a limitation. Click in this link for more info:

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